AngelRey Performing - Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances
My name is Angelo Reyes and i am looking forward to passing along many helpful techniques that will make you a more effective, believable and employable actor. My first time on stage was at a comedy/poetry club in the Lower East Side of New York City. I was terrified since I had never been on any stage before. My father pushed me on stage and would not take no for an answer. I performed a poem by Miguel Pinero. I don't know if you would call what I did a performance but afterwards I knew that I wanted to do this performing thing more. Maybe that's when I caught "the bug" as they say. After many years of auditions and performances, I decided to become a teacher. So I earned a BA in Theater/Performing emphasis, as well as a Graduate Teaching Credential.  I really want to pass along the techniques (Meisner, Adler, etc.) and exercises taught to me by many excellent acting coaches and teachers.

As a theatre teacher I am privileged to share the techniques taught to me by many great teachers, professors and professionals in the industry.  Every year I am fortunate enough to see many talented young high school students come through my classes, and together we put on comedic, dramatic productions. However, there are many who are searching for more training so that they can continue their quest to becoming a working actor/performer. My classes/coaching are also geared for those who may be looking to become better public speakers, or who just want to get over some of the stage fright that engulfs many individuals. I will build confidence in all of these endeavors.

Please be patient as our web site is fairly new. There is more to come. However, if you want to get started and learn or improve on some of your techniques PLEASE contact us by clicking on the appropriate icon. Hope to hear from you soon to set up one-one classes.
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